On Tap

Giants Head Pale Ale

Pale Ale,   ABV 4.6%

Brewed at the base of Giants Head mountain, this simple and easy drinking pale ale might just give you the courage to take on the Giant. A. simple but delicious brew of hops, malts, yeast and water. What more do you need!


IPA,   ABV 5.6%

Someone CALL THE HOPS! 'casue these barley are out of control. Call the Hops is an India Pale Ale, dry hopped using Cascade hops to give it the wonderful aroma and mustache smoothness while still having the brute needed to balance out those barley, without excessive force.

Sunday Funday Breakfast STOUT

Oatmeal stout,   ABV 5.8%

The Sunday Funday Breakfast Stout is perfect for those hair of the dog mornings to help you get ready to take on the last day of the weekend.
Get these oats in your belly with this delicious oatmeal stout with hints of coffee, chocolate and caramel.

Citra Station Pale Ale

Pale Ale,   ABV 5.0%

An easy drinking beer that will take you down the tracks and into the station with hints of tropical fruit flavours coming from the Citra Hop.

Coffee Pale Ale

Pale Ale,   ABV 4.6%

A suprisingly light beer that is cold brewed giving it a pronounced coffee aroma and flavour while still being light and drinkable.

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